Thomas A. Kenat, Ph. D., P. E., principal of KenaTech Process Engineering, has over 35 years of experience in process research and development, process engineering, process control, environmental control and project management in the chemical and polymer industries.

This experience enables him to quickly step in and contribute to a project, then step out when it is completed. Some of the services that KenaTech can provide are listed below.

For more information on Dr. Kenat's qualifications, go to the all about KenaTech page.

Consulting support to plants in polymers, reaction engineering process control, distillation, corrosion and pollution control.

Consultation to designers of process equipment for new processes developed in Research and Development.

Consulting services to client's customers on applications.

Independent second opinions on chemical processs issues.

Analyze process problems at plants, recommend solutions and aid in their successful implementation.

Serve on task forces with Research and Development, Engineering and Production for solution of plant problems.

Advise and encourage Research and Development programs directed toward improving existing processes.

Energy saving and environmental control by process modification.

Internal recycle

Energy recovery

Water recovery

Waste & scrap recovery

Evaluation of new technology for:

Technical feasibility

Economic feasibility


Market potential